economically, ergonomically & environmentally friendly:

Modec vans make sound commercial as well as environmental sense. Intelligent design means inherently low maintenance costs from features such as ‘bounce-back’ lower body panels that can absorb minor impacts and a motor that has just 3 moving parts (compared to over 300 in a typical diesel engine). Features like these translate directly into benefits such as long 20,000 mile service intervals and low insurance rates. In addition, operating advantages include:



The most important assets of any business are its people. Giving them the best tools for the job not only reduces stress and maximises their effectiveness, but also assists recruitment in today’s competitive job markets.

Modec’s walk-in interior is the perfect blend of form and function with expansive glass areas for maximum visibility and all controls ergonomically designed for ease of use. All-day driving comfort is assured by custom designed seats and standard keyless operation can be combined with proximity sensitive door locks for the ultimate in driver productivity.

Drivers are protected by both active and passive state of the art safety systems, including ABS and optional airbag.



Zero tailpipe emissions mean that Modec vans are the intelligent choice for urban environments where exhaust fumes are an enduring problem. Whisper quiet, they’re ideal for early morning and late night deliveries in residential or retail areas that might otherwise be prevented by the noise pollution of a conventional vehicle.

A quick phone call or a click of a mouse is all it takes to switch your Modec van over to running on power from renewable sources, making this by far the easiest way to move your fleet over to zero carbon operation to prevent contributing to the problems caused by greenhouse gases.

Even better, Modec’s striking modern design and excellent environmental credentials help to ensure that your business gains the credit it deserves for operating in a socially responsible manner.

And when it finally reaches the end of its working life, you can be reassured by the fact that over 90% of each Modec van is recyclable.